Experience the Future of Collectibles

More than a buzzword - NFTrace unlocks the power of digital collectibles with our AR-powered platform. Connect with brands, businesses, and communities through real-world use cases and engage Gen Z like never before. Explore a new dimension of collectibles and rewards.

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Welcome to our universe of collectibles. Get started by requesting an invite code. Invite your pals to fully explore the world of collectibles and gain points in the process.

Find Collectibles Around You

Unleash the collector in you with our NFTrace! Spot NFTs at locations near you and collect unique digital assets through our AR camera. From concert tickets to art and exclusive drops by brands, the possibilities are endless. Keep an eye out for surprise drops and start your collection today!

Customize Your Profile

Curate your own online style with our profile customization! Display of your one-of-a-kind digital collection for all your friends to admire and let your personality and unique taste shine through. Possibilities are endless

Pick assets all over the city

Rack up points just by logging in, collecting items, and inviting your friends to join the fun. Stack up against your peers on our weekly leaderboard and get exclusive access to lootboxes filled with all your favorite collectibles.

Be a Creator

Build your own community of followers by taking pictures of your favorite spots or designing your own collectibles for others to discover and add to their collections. From creating personalized stickers and badges to crafting your own virtual items, the possibilities are endless.

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